Editorial Team

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2017/2018 Editorial Team

Lydia Yeoman
Royal Holloway, University of London
Department of Media Arts
Focusing on the rise of “magical realism” in television, my research takes a poetical approach and places it in an industry context. How does television blur the lines between “reality” and “fantasy” and how do screenwriters construct their story worlds in a way that pleases both the audience and commissioners? By investigating these ideas through my own practice, I aim to write a “true” magical realist teleplay that draws on literary techniques in order to play with traditional notions of television genre.

Sylvia Solakidi
University of Surrey
Guildford School of Acting
My PhD aims at developing a novel concept of presence in performance, corresponding to the temporal relations developed in contemporary durational theatre. Producing a new understanding of the concept of contemporaneity, the project will move beyond the pure self-presence of modernism and its post-modernist critique, in order to make an original contribution to recent discourse rehabilitating presence (Kaye, Power, Sherman). Here, contemporaneity is understood not only as concomitance, but as the dominant temporal experience of post-Fordism described by Marc Augé as a paradox in which an excess of time becomes ‘non-time’.

Rachel Marsh
University of Surrey
School of Literature and Languages
My thesis argues that satire is not a genre but work of protest, rhetoric, and discourse. The satire uses parodies of life and/or text in order to illuminate the rhetoric of the satire. However, this satire is not a genre. The satire may sit within a genre, which will act as a framework, but the satire need not engage with the genre. The creation of a novel tests this theory.